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How to Restore Your iPad without the Password?

Now that everyone is familiar with the iPad, it is considered to be a very popular tablet on the market. Not only the exterior design is very beautiful, but also for the user's security considerations. In theory, we can set a passcode or password to prevent others to access our iPad if they don't know the password. However, what if you forget the passcode, can you somehow unlock it? Or better yet, can someone who steals your iPad unlock it and get the information.

By default, Apple ships the iPad without a passcode installed. If the wrong passcode is entered repeatedly, the iPad will be disabled for longer intervals. If for reasons unknown you cannot remember the passcode, you can unlock an ipad without knowing the password. Here are the detailed steps.

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Forgot iPad Password How to Reset

Step 1: To unlock an iPad with a passcode, rather than entering the passcode, is to "restore" it to its original factory settings. To perform this, all your data on the iPad will be deleted. So you need to make sure have backed up the content on your iPad before restoring it.

unlock an ipad without knowing the password

Step 2: Turn off your iPad and plug USB cable into computer and leave the other end alone. Press and hold the Home button down and connect the docking end of cable to iPad.

Step 3: Continue holding the Home button until you see the "Connect To iTune" screen. Now release the Home button and open iTunes. You should see "iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode". Next use iTune to restore iPad.

unlock ipad without passcode

Step 4: From iTunes, look under the “Summary” tab. Then click on the “Restore” button within iTunes.

This will wipe all files, settings, and apps from the iPhone, such as the passcode. When the restore is completed, the iPhone will be at the factory settings.

More Tips:

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